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Kurkuri Bhindi (Crispy Okra)

Munch on this spicy fried snack….with kulhadwali adrak ki Chai

Prepared with Ladies finger (Okra),

Pindi Chole

This super delicious and protein-packed dish is named Pindi Chole as it has its origin in Rawalpindi.

Besan Ka Sheera

One of the remedies for common illnesses like cold and cough is Besan Ka Sheera.


It reminds me of my childhood where I would gorge on this deep-fried sweet gulgule prepared at our home.

Cabbage Foogath-Goan Style

A staple vegetable which is not only comforting but very quick to make is prepared in almost all the Goan homes… is also known as Fugad de Repolho.

Tambdi Bhaji

In Konkani Language…Tambdi means Red and Bhaji means Vegetable.

Murgh Ki Barfi (Chicken Barfi)

This Festive Season prepare and enjoy eating this Scrumptious Indian Sweet (Mithai) prepared with Minced Chicken,

Dry Fruit Tea (Caffeine Free)

This Caffeine free tea is a great immunity booster….prepared by steeping decaffeinated organic green tea,

Egg Biryani (Ande Ki Biryani)

Delicious, Fragrant and flavourful biryani prepared with the top quality basmati / fragrant rice and eggs layered in thick creamy spiced curd with masalas…….garnished with crispy and crunchy Golden brown onion and fried nuts.