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A scrumptious breakfast / snack that is prepared in almost all Gujarati homes.

Kharda Chicken (Thecha Chicken)

Thecha…. A mind-boggling, spicy and delicious chutney from Maharashtra,

Bhutte Ka Halwa

Mumbai ki Baarsh aur Mitti ki Sondhi Sondhi Khushbu… It’s so pleasant soothing and romantic.

Patrani Machchi (Patrani Macchi) (Parsi Style … Fish Steamed in Banana Leaves)

A traditional Parsee (Parsi) delicacy, a preparation which is immensely popular and is prepared in various festive occasions like Navroz Nav means New and Roz means Day …

Muringakka Curry (Drumstick Curry)

Creamy and Luscious curry from Kerala, is a great comfort food that goes best with steamed rice.

Watermelon Dip

Drizzle this light ,tangy and refreshing Dip /dressing prepared with watermelon ,

Thandai And Gulkand Shrikhand

Creamy, smooth and rich dessert with a burst of flavours from the home prepared Thandai Mix powder and Gulkand… Hung Curds,