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Kesar Pista Phirni

The scrumptious blend of Full-cream milk and ground Sama rice,

Vengaya Sambar (Small Onion Sambar)

A comforting Sambar prepared the Tamil Nadu Style …  Prepared with cooked and mashed split red gram,

Sitaphal Basundi

A twist to the traditional Maharashtrian dessert also very popular in Gujarat &

Daulat Ki Chaat

The Super Delicious Delicacy Daulat Ki Chaat is prepared and is available in Purani Dilli prepared by Rakesh Kumar Baburam who belongs to Uttar Pradesh ,has inherited this skill from his grandfather….

Rajasthani Amrood Ki Sabji

Are u a big fan of Guava….
Have it with garama garam puffed Phulka…

Kong Phirin (Kong Firin)

Kong means Saffron and Phirin (Firin) means Phirni which is a sweet pudding.

Rajasthani Khoba Roti

In Marwari Khoba means Cavity or Depression. This artistic and unique crisp thick flat bread is made with coarsely ground whole wheat flour,

Patoleo (Patoi)

It isn’t a forgotten or a lost recipe but very few know about this dessert / sweet from Goa.

Foods that boost our Immune System to Combat Air Pollution

As we are all aware that we are facing the menaces of Air Pollution as the levels of pollution have gone up tremendously.