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Mishti Doi

In Bengali “Mishti” means Sweet and “Doi” means Curd. This Scrumptious fermented overnight sweet curd / sweet yogurt is extremely addictive, is prepared with Full-cream Milk which is simmered and reduced, Curd Culture, sweetened with Palm Jaggery mildly flavoured with green cardamom powder. You may garnish it with slivered nuts, fresh pomegranate pearls or dried and edible rose petals.


Preparation Time- 05 minutes

Cooking Time- 30 minutes

Setting / Fermentation Time- 9 Hours

Refrigeration Time- 30 minutes


Ingredients and Quantity:

Full-Cream Milk-1 liter

Palm Jaggery, finely chopped-200 gm

Curd Culture- 02 tbsp.

For the flavoring:

Green Cardamom Powder- 1/4th tsp. / or more as desired

If you prefer to garnish:

You may garnish it with slivered nuts, fresh pomegranate pearls or dried and edible rose petals.


In a heavy bottomed non-stick pan add the milk. Bring it to a boil and then simmer it till it reduces to half the quantity of its original volume.

Stir occasionally and keep scrapping the milk solids from the sides and add it to the milk which is simmering.

Remove from the flame and allow it to cool for 10 minutes. Now add the chopped palm jaggery.

Mix well till the entire jaggery is completely dissolved.

While the milk is lukewarm add the curd culture and whisk it well so that the entire thing is thoroughly mixed.

Pour the Doi mixture to the earthenware bowls. Seal with a food grade aluminium foil.

Keep it in a warm place overnight or for 9 hours.

When it sets, place it in the refrigerator to chill.

Serve chilled with a comfort meal or simply as a dessert.

Feel free to garnish it, if desired.

Chef Tips:

  1. I suggest placing the sealed earthenware bowls carefully in the whole wheat flour box, as it will provide the accurate temperature required for setting the curd overnight.
  2. Before placing the set Mishti Doi in the refrigerator ensure that you clean the outer surface of the earthenware bowl to get rid of any whole wheat flour.

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