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Ande Ka Halwa (Egg Halwa)

This Winter delicacy is also known as Ande Ka Meetha & Dimer Halua. It is a rich and delectable halwa prepared with eggs preferably Organic, Full Cream Milk, Khoya (Khoa) (Mawa) / Milk Powder/ Boiled Cashew nut paste Desi Ghee , is sweetened with sugar, has loads of nuts and raisins, is flavoured with green cardamom powder and is laced with Saffron. A halwa with has a Danedar (Grainy) Texture.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes


Ingredients and Quantity:

Eggs -2

Whole Milk-250 ml

Sugar- 2 tbsp. / or more , as desired

Khoya, grated / Milk powder/ Boiled cashew nut smooth and thick paste- 1/4 th cup

Saffron- a pinch , steeped in lukewarm milk

Yellow Food Colour, preferably Natural ,approved by FSSAI – 1/4th tsp mixed in milk.

Desi Ghee-1 3/4 th tbsp.

Bayleaf -1 ( Optional)

Below mentioned must be sautéed in desi ghee:

Almonds, slivered- 8

Raisins- 8

Cashew nuts- 8

Pistachio nuts, slivered-8 (Optional)

For the flavouring:

Green cardamom powder-1/4th tsp

For the garnish:

Below mentioned must be sautéed in desi ghee:

Almonds, slivered- 4

Raisins- 4

Cashew nuts- 8

Pistachio nuts, slivered-4. (Optional)


In the jar of a mixer, break eggs, add milk, sugar and grated khoa (khoya) / milk powder / Boiled cashew nut paste.

Blend till all the ingredients are well-combined.

Heat Ghee in a heavy bottomed kadai, to this add the nuts and raisins , sauté and set aside.

In the same ghee on a low flame add the blended eggs and other ingredients.

Continuously stir, till it starts thickening.

Add saffron, mix well.

Add the yellow colour and mix well.

Sprinkle the green cardamom powder , the sautéed nuts and raisins and mix well.

Keep stirring till it attains the texture of a custard.

Increase the flame from low to medium and ensure that you keep staring it until it attains a grainy texture.

Ensure that all the milk is absorbed.

Once you see the ghee oozing out from the edges, the halwa is ready to be consumed.

Serve hot garnished with sautéed nuts and raisins.

Chef Tips:

  1. Stays good for 5 days under refrigeration & for a month in the freezer.
  2. For reheating, bring it down to room temperature & then add a dollop of desi ghee.
  3. It’s best to use organic eggs (Desi Ande)

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