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Gosht Ka Halwa

A royal and rich Halwa which has its roots in Rampur in UP and is prepared with pounded  lamb meat, milk, khoya and sugar , slow cooked , is not only creamy , melt-in-mouth but delectable too. It is served hot laced with saffron strands , garnished with slivered nuts. Give it a royal touch by lacing it with silver leaf .

Preparation time– 20 minutes

Cooking time- 50 minutes


Ingredients and Quantity:

Lamb / Mutton, boneless, cut into small dices- 200 gm

Milk- 600 ml ….Divide into 3 parts of 200 ml. each

Desi ghee (Clarified butter) – 100 gm.

Khoya (Mawa), grated- 115 gm

Sugar- 04 tbsp. / as required.

Saffron- 1/4th gm

Green Cardamom powder- 1/4th tsp.

Whole Green Cardamom- 06 nos.

Assorted Nuts, slivered : 01 tbsp.

Rose water- ½ tbsp.

For the Garnish:

Assorted Nuts, slivered : 01 tbsp.

Edible and dried rose petals- 02 tsp. (Optional)

Silver leaf (Chandi ka Warq)- 01 sheet small


Wash the diced mutton under running water for 6 to 8 times, to get rid of any blood and dirt.

Boil 200 ml milk in a heavy bottomed pan with the washed and diced mutton pieces and whole green cardamom.

Drain it and repeat this process again.

Prepare a smooth paste by pounding it by adding 200 ml milk a little at a time. Set aside.

Strain it through a fine sieve.

Heat desi ghee in a heavy bottomed Kadai.

Add the prepared paste.

Cook on medium heat till it turns brown ensuring that it does not burn.

Add saffron strands, green cardamom powder, sugar and rosewater. Continue to simmer it.

Stir continuously.

Add the grated khoya and slivered nuts.

Cook it till you see the ghee oozing out from all the sides.

Apply silver leaf ,serve hot garnished with slivered nuts and edible dried rose petals.