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Rushichi Bhaji

In Maharashtra, the day after Ganesh Chaturthi is fervently celebrated as Rishi Panchami and the mild-flavoured Rushichi Bhaji is prepared using seasonal vegetables which are produced without the labour of oxen i.e. non-farmed vegetables, that are grown in one’s own backyard like snake gourd, pumpkin, yam, colocasia leaves with stems , amaranth leaves and stem both red and green , lady’s fingers , ridge gourd and corn-on-the-cob, are used in the preparation along with green chillies and scraped fresh coconut. Some people prefer adding fresh groundnuts , cucumber, sweet potatoes ,bottle gourd ,green peas and val papdi… Cumin seeds in the tempering along with Ghee and Green chillies.

This delicacy goes best with Jwarichi Bhakri, Tandalachi Bhakri or Puffed Puris

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Serves-4 to 6

Ingredients and Quantity:

Colocasia leaves, washed, shredded- 3/4th cup

Colocasia stems- 1/4th cup

Red Amaranth Leaves, clean, washed, shredded/ chopped- 3/4th cup

Corn on the cob, thickly sliced- 1 no.

Pumpkin, peeled, washed and cut into chunks- ½ cup

Raw (Unripe) Banana, peeled and – 2 nos. small

Yam, peeled, rinsed and cut into chunks- ½ cup

Colocasia (Arbi) peeled , rinsed and cubed- 1/4th cup

Lady Finger, washed, wiped and sliced- ½ cup

Sponge gourd, peeled, washed and cubed- ½ cup

Ridge gourd peeled and washed cubed- ½ cup

Fresh coconut (scraped)- scraped- 1/4th cup + 2 tbsp.

Green chillies finely chopped / slit- 2 nos.

Salt- to taste

Desi Ghee / Oil-1 ½ tbsp.

Water- 1 1/4th cup


In a heavy bottomed non-stick pan, heat ghee, add green chillies, let them splutter.

Add the shredded and chopped leaves.

Add the vegetables.

Add salt ans Water. Mix well.

Sprinkle scraped coconut and mix.

Cover with a tight fitting lid , cook on a slow flame for 20 minutes.

Check and cook the preparation further for 4 to 5 minutes ,if vegetables need a little more cooking.

Cook till all the vegetables are cooked. (Ensure the vegetables are not overcooked)

Goes best with hot Tandalachi Bhakri / Jwarichi Bhakri / Puffed up Puris.

Chef Tips:

Tamarind pulp may be added if the Colocasia leaves tend to cause itching in the throat of the person consuming this Bhaji.

You may sprinkle scraped fresh coconut on the prepared Bhaji.


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