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Media Coverage Year 2019

Media Coverage/ Interviews /Articles / Recipes featured / Published in Magazines / Digital Magazines, Newspapers and Websites and Projects : Year 2019

  • My articles are featured in the UKS college … Melhor 2019
    ….Edible flowers Aesthetics or Health and Nutrition.
    ….Emerging Food Ingredients this year.
  • My Husband Uday Kugaji and I were featured in livemint MintLOUNGE Mumbai , Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata on 21st December 2019 “ All I want for Christmas is You”.
  • My article on Food Allergies and Restaurants…
    Why we need to be more aware ? is featured in the magazine Senhora November 2019.

  • My recipe of Beetroot Halwa … “Beetroot, no longer just a Salad fave” was featured in Bombay Times, The Times of India on 9th November 2019.
  • Featured on CNBCTV18 on 18th Oct 2019 … International Chefs Day
  • “Food & Memory: These Chefs Are Putting the Spotlight on Their Culinary Heritage:–memory-these-chefs-are-putting-the-spotlight-on-their-culinary-heritage-4553711.htm?fbclid=IwAR1Q1bf5gKvhmm8FsIVo2MnKhbojZBnHtb92K1aVYk2w7i-t6lGyWSz7B9c
  • My article on The Work Behind the Glamour.. The Chef Life is featured in the magazine Senhora October 2019.
  • I was featured in the magazine Hospitality Lexis October 2019 IFCA Special in Chefs Decoded, What your Bio says? , along with my recipe of Paan and Quinoa Pudding.
  • My Food Photography with 11 HD Food Photographs are featured in the Smart Photography Magazine October 2019… Showcase-A photographic profile of the person behind the lens…“Savoury Visuals” .
  • My culinary journey and work on getting back the lost recipes “ Chefs Table- Five Outstanding Chefs Share their Journey” is featured in the eShe –the female glaze magazine October -2019.
  • My views on Thou shall not MEAT
    Are non-Vegetarians under pressure to make the big switch? Are featured in The Free Press Journal , Mumbai …on the 29th September 2019.
  • My recipes .. Dates, Figs and Oats Ladoo and Ragi Ladoo .. Scrumptious and Wholesome Recipes are featured in the BPOSITIVE magazine…..September 2019.
  • My recipes Orange and Oats Ladoo, Peach Melba Crumbles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Kesari Shrikhand are featured on Ganesh Chaturthi … HAVE A ‘SWEET’ GANESH CHATURTHI.. at my on 29th August 2019.
  • My inputs on “Tips to make your traditional sweets and desserts healthier” is featured on 28th August 2019 on bigbasket Lifestyle Portal
  • My recipe of Grilled Corn On The Cob with Kolhapuri Spice Mix Rub … “Bite into some Corn” was featured in The Bombay Times , Times of India on 23rd August 2019.
  • My recipe of Kesari Shrikhand is featured on Janmashtami “4 Delicious Dishes You Can Whip Up For Friends And Family This Janmashtami” on 22nd Aug 2019 on Zee Telugu Portal / Website.
  • My recipes of Crackwiches, Dark Chocolate Berries Pudding (No Bake and Eggless) is featured on Raksha Bandhan… “Let’s serve some sibling love” 8th August 2019 at
  • My recipes .. Beetroot Raita, Roasted Beetroot Hummus, Beetroot Pachadi, Gingery Beetroot and Coconut Soup, Spiced Beetroot soup and Badami Halu (Almond Milk) are featured in the BPOSITIVE magazine…..August 2019.
  • My article on Adventures of a Chef.. is featured in the magazine.. “Mind Magazine India”. .. August 2019.
  • My article on Salads of India.. is featured in the magazine.. “Spunky Indian”. .. August 2019
  • My 8 recipes “Non-Spicy / Less Spicy Vegetarian Preparations”…. are featured in the Grehlakshmi Magazine- Hindi… August 2019.
  • My recipes of Vegan Rajma Burger and Vegan Chocolate Mousse is featured in the BPOSITIVE magazine…..July 2019

  • My recipe of Spiced Beetroot Soup is featured in THE DENTCARE MAGAZINE…. July 2019
  • My recipe Marigold and Mixed Sprouts Salad is featured in the magazine …Spunky Indian July 2019.
  • My 15 Monsoon recipes have been featured in the “Meri Saheli” Hindi Magazine July 2019.
  • My recipe Shahi Gulkand Gulab Jamun is featured in the magazine  …Spunky Indian June 2019.
  • My recipes Coconut Ice cream and Betel Leaf – Coconut Yogurt have been featured in the Times of India… Bombay Times…This Summer Go Nuts Over Coconut…. on the 25th May 2019
  • My inputs on Coorgi Cuisine are featured in The Economic Times…Indica Gastronomica Page 8…The Land of Coffee, Wild Boar and Kachampuli by Mr. Anirban Bora… New Delhi, Gurgaon ,Kolkata and Bangalore on 18th May 2019.
  • My inputs on Ice Apple (Tadgola) and HD photograph of Ice Apple and Thandai Kheer ( Tadgola aur Thandai Ki Kheer) is featured in the Newspaper “Mid-day” on 9th May 2019.
  • My recipe Ice Apple and Thandai Kheer ( Tadgola aur Thandai Ki Kheer) is featured in the magazine “ Spunky Indian” May 2019.
  • My recipe Dhungari Hui Chaach (Smoked Buttermilk) has been featured in the SUBURB Life – Gurgaon’s Very Own Lifestyle & Infotainment Magazine…. Volume 14 Issue 04…April 2019
  • My recipes Aamras and Fajeto (Mango Kadhi) have been featured in the Times of India… Bombay Times…Have a Mangolicious Summer! on the 3th April 2019
  • My recipe… Khubani Ka Meetha was featured in Fitmag Magazine- March 2019.
  • My recipe of Sabudana and Carrot Kheer has been featured in The Free Press Journal,,, Gudi Goodies ….. For Gudi Padwa… on 31st March 2019.
  • My recipe… Khubani Ka Meetha was featured in Fitmag Magazine- March 2019.
  • My recipes Apple and Thandai Kheer & Beetroot Halwa are published / featured in the “Diabetic Living India” Magazine, March-April 2019.
  • My recipes … Dhungari Hui Chaach, Besan Ke Shahi Gatte Ki Sabzi, Mirchi Bada, Chane Jaisalmeri, Dal Bati Churma and Doodhiya Kheech based on Rajasthani Cuisine are published in the Femina Magazine- Hindi March 2019
  • Featured / Published on the Cover Page of Hospitality Lexis” Magazine in February 2019.
  • My inputs on Maharashtrian Cuisine are featured in The Economic Times…Indica Gastronomica Page 12….A bit of Sweet Escape , Sol Kadhi, Shark and Tangy Dal…..A Story of Vast Land Where Food is Equals God by Mr. Anirban Bora… New Delhi, Gurgaon and Kolkata on 9th Feb 2019
  • 5 recipes which are excellent stress busters!…. Lavender and Quinoa Pudding, Roasted Garlicky Fox Nuts, Beetroot Falafel with Cilantro Tahini, Rose Petal and Indian Spice Hummus and Musk Melon Breakfast Bowl are featured in the Women Fitness India Magazine. Jan-Feb 2019
  • My recipe… Desk Lunch Recipe was featured in Fitmag Magazine- Jan 2019
  • My recipes- Tandoori Chai and Sheer Chai are featured in The Times of India … Bombay Times on 3rd January 2019… Delhi and Gurgaon Times on 4th January 2019, How about tandoori tea or blue tea this winter?

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