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Media Coverage Year 2021

Media Coverage/ Interviews /Articles / Recipes featured / Published in Magazines / Digital Magazines, Newspapers and Websites and Projects : Year 2021

Sushi cake, basil ice-cream, maple bacon doughnuts, coriander seed laddoos
Spice up your festivities with savoury desserts
Desserts that straddle the line between sweet and savoury are trending in a big way this festive season. My inputs are featured in The Times of India #ahmedabadtimes #Variety Page-4…. on 21st August 2021.
The 10 days of #Onam celebrations are incomplete without this feast that has over 25 dishes served on a banana leaf
A beautiful story / feature with my inputs..Hindustan Times #htcity Delhi & Mumbai Page-4 … Date… 16th August 2021.
Neeraj Chopra ‘s love ❤️ for gol gappas gets a thumbs up 👍🏻 from culinary experts
What an amazing story with my inputs ..The Times of India #calcuttatimes #kolkataistalkimgabout Page-4…. Date…14th August 2021
There is a momo🥟 for every mood…
A beautifullll story with my inputs in  Hindustan Times #htcitylifestyle Page 3…. Date.. 10th August 2021.

5 recipes that put a gourmet spin on the humble corn on the cob.Corn on the cob is a comforting monsoon treat. A few unexpected ingredients can turn it into an epicurean delight. My recipe …Grilled Corn On The Cob With Spicy Green Chutney Rub is featured in Architectural Digest India on 5th August 2021

A fantastic feature on … When it rains, go green ☘️
For those concerned about the detrimental impact of commercial pesticides, home-based remedies can be a gentler alternative…
Regular kitchen ingredients can keep insects and the damp at bay..MiD DAY #theguide page-19 … Date… 22nd July 2021
Whether it’s a traditional momo or a kale or beetroot flavoured one, this food item can instantly turn around a bad day…. My inputs are featured in Hindustan Times #htcity Page-4 date…5th July 2021
5 Sattvic Recipes to Nourish Your Body, Mind & Soul
Sattvic food means “pure essence” provides calmness, purity and promotes longevity, intelligence, strength, health, happiness and delight. Date…. 21st June 2021 Women Fitness India…

Monday brings….
Flavourful and refreshing, seasonal dips will add a burst of colours and aromas to your favourite dish.. Hindustan Times #htcity ….14th June 2021 ..Page4 

Urban India likes being homebound
Online delivery of essentials and subscription boxes for luxuries means we will step out only to socialize????
Will we want to leave home?
If habits are forged in three weeks, over a year of being homebound & inward-focussed means that privileged Mumbaikars could be heading out only for experiences and not necessities..MiD DAY #sundaymidday … 13TH JUNE 2021…Page- 22 & 23.
#hindustantimes #htcitylifestyle on #InternationalFalafelDay  shares a few ways to savour the dish Page-10 12th June 2021
Say yes to fresh, seasonal produce, this summer
Do read Hindustan Times #HTCitytimeout Page-17 for how you can prepare various mind-boggling dishes / recipes from seasonal produce….2nd June 2021
Jamun raita, litchi chicken, phalsa cookies, mango hummus: Experiment with your seasonal fruits….
My inputs are featured in The Times of India #thetimesofindia #ahmedabadtimes Page-2 on 1st June 2021.
#kitchenhacks Problem: Dish has become too #spicy …Find #solutions in todays Freepress Journal
#leisurejournal Page 10…23rd May 2021.
#AkshayTritiya: Foods worth their weight in gold… My inputs are featured in The Times of India #calcuttatimes Page3 on 14th May 2021.
Innovative ways to make the best use of leftover food
You don’t have to worry about all the extra food taking up refrigerator space as chefs suggest healthy ways to use them in most productive ways … my inputs are featured in Hindustan Times #Cityfoodies Page13 on 13th May 2021.

From A Smorgasbord Of Ramadan Fares …. My recipes and Food Photography of Royal Hyderabadi Haleem , Sheer Khurma & Hyderabadi Murgh Dum Biryani is featured in the Punekar News on the 4th May 2021.

 #DenimDay. Those who are wondering what it stands for, read my story in #DeccanChronicle x #TheAsianAge . My inputs are featured on 28th April 2021.
What are the ways to thicken a vegetable curry while cooking? My inputs are featured in The Hindustan Times
#TheBurningQuestion Page-8 on 18th April 2021.
Aromatic tidings ..From Gudi Padwa to Vishu, many communities will mark the start of a new year today or tomorrow. Chefs reminisce about these festivals, and share how food plays a part in them.. My inputs and recipe is featured in mid-day #theguide #foodanddrink Page16 on 13th April 2021.

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An ode to mother nature, Baisakhi is a spring harvest festival, often commemorated with food, love and kindness, my inputs and food photography is featyred in Hindustan Times #HTCityfoodies Page 8 on 11th April 2021.

When sweet met salty: What happens when two different flavours meet and form one delicious dish… My inputs are featured in the #TheFreepressJournal #Food&TravelJournal Page 11 on 4th April 2021.

My recipes (Lacto-Vegetarian) are being featured in  the Women Fitness India Magazine April 2021.

My interview is featured in Aviation Times Magazine #aviationtimesmagazine .. March 2021.


Thandai cheesecake, Coconut Thandai Kulfi , Malpua Topped with Thandai: Cool off this holi with creative Thandai variants…my inputs are featured in #thetimesofindia #AhmedabadTimes Page-3 on 26th March 2021.

My inputs on Eat Local …The backdrop of pandemic has brought the focus back firmly on homegrown, seasonal and local produce is featured in the Deccan Chronicle #HyderabadChronicle Page-1 &3 #Karimnagarchronicle Page-3 #Vizgchronicle Page-3 #Rajahmundrychronicle Page-3 #Vijaywadachronicle Page-3  #Nellorechronicle Page-3 #Rayalaseemachronicle Page-3 #Coimbatorechronicle Page-5 #Maduraichronicle Page-5 #Tiruchichronicle Page-5  on 20th March 2021.

My Culinary Inputs are featured in #TheEconomictimes Magazine Centrespread Page 10& 11 on 7th March 2021. Sunshine in my kitchen: Summer is the time to relish food and beat the heat …

Got featured on the #WomenFitness Website#IWD Special: All Rounder Chef Reetu Uday Kugaji “Every day is an International Women’s Day.”


My #foodphotography is featured in the Asian Photography & Imaging Magazine (India Edition) in March 2021.

My recipes #gulgule & #nolengurerpayesh  have been featured in

RobinAge: India’s Favourite Newspaper for Children

Feb 16-28 2021, Vol 13, No 22 and Page 18…

My recipes #daulatkichaat & #patoleo have been  featured in

RobinAge: India’s Favourite Newspaper for Children

Feb 1-15 2021, Vol 13, No 21 and Page 18 …

Jolly Gur Show
#Jaggery is at the heart of many sweets in India ,especially during #makarsankranti my inputs are featured in The-Economic-Times
#Magazine #indicagastronomica Page17 on 17th January 2021.
Try these yummy dishes for good health.
My Culinary Inputs & Food Photography is featured in  #TheTimesofIndia #leisure #calcuttatimes Page 19  #MakarSankranti2021 on 14th January 2021.

This Makar Sankranti, indulge in traditional treats.

My Culinary Inputs and food photography is featured in The Times of India #leisure #ahmedabadtimes Page 18  #MakarSankranti on 13th January 2021.