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Varyali Sharbat (Saunf Ka Sharbat) (Fennel Seed Drink)

A very cooling and soothing Gujarati summer drink prepared with soaked fennel seeds and rock candy (Sugar Candy), ground on a Sil Batta (Traditional Grinding Stone) & strained. This concentrate may be transferred in a dry and clean air-tight bottle, refrigerated, stays good for 15 days.

Sieving, Washing & Soaking of Fennel Seeds: Overnight

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Makes: 12 glasses

Ingredients and Quantity:

Fennel Seeds- 6 tbsp.

Rock Candy / Mishri- 12 tbsp. / as required

Water- 6 cups


Sieve, rinse and soak fennel seeds overnight in a large glass bowl, overnight.

Ensure that the bowl is covered with a lid.

In the morning, strain the fennel seeds and grind it on a Sil Batta (Traditional Grinding Stone) / blender, with the help of the reserved fennel water.

Now add Rock Candy / Mishri and grind.

Once the viscous liquid is formed, strain it through a strainer.

Pour into serving glasses ,add water to it.

Stir and serve.

Chef Tips:

1. If you do not have Sil Batta (Traditional Grinding Stone), do use a blender / mixer to prepare the same, ensure that you first crush / break the rock candy into very small pieces before adding it to the blender.

2. If you are not using the fennel seed concentrate immediately, you may refrigerate and use it as and when desired, up to 15 days.

3. Fennel seeds has a cooling effect (Thandi Taseer) on body, especially in summers, therefore you may use plain filtered water.

4. However, you may add crushed / cubed ice , if desired


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