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Kashmiri Babribyol Sharbat (Kashmiri Babri Beol Sharbat) (Sweet Basil Seeds Drink)

Kashmiris have a rich tradition of ending their daily fast at sunset , with a sweet summer drink prepared with sweet basil seeds.

Locally it is called Babribyol Tresh….It means drinking water mixed with sweet basil seeds for quenching thirst.

A delectable delicacy from the Northern Region of India, immensely popular in Jammu & Kashmir, Babribyol is an ancient summer drink  which is not only refreshing but nutritious too, prepared with very simple and easily available ingredients like milk, sweet basil seeds and dry coconut. In their local language, it is also known as Kan Sharbat, Kan meaning precious jewels, as a reference to the sweet basil seeds that swell up into translucent pearls when soaked in water.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Soaking Time of Sweet Basil Seeds: Overnight / 3 to 4 Hours

Boiling of Milk: 5 minutes

Refrigeration Time of Sharbat: 1 Hour / or more, if desired

Serves : 6

Ingredients and Quantity:

Sweet Basil seeds- 2 tsp.

Water to soak the sweet basil seeds-as required

Whole milk, boiled and cooled completely- 4 cups

Saffron strands-1/4 th tsp.

Green cardamom powder-3/4 th tsp.

Sugar, granulated / powdered- 4 tbsp. / as per sweetness required

Dry Coconut grated / thinly sliced-2 tbsp.

Raisins, stems discarded- 1/2 tbsp. (Optional)

Almonds, slivered-1/2 tbsp.

For the Garnish:

Dry Coconut grated / thinly sliced-1/4 th tbsp.

Saffron strands- a few


Soak the Babribyol Seeds (Sweet Basil Seeds) in water for Overnight /3 to 4 hours ; until the seeds swell.

In a glass jug / bowl add the soaked basil seeds, milk, green cardamom powder and grated or thinly sliced dry coconut.

Add sugar according to taste.

Stir and mix well until the sugar is completely dissolved in the milk.

Add Saffron Strands and stir.

Refrigerate for at least an hour / or more.

Pour into individual glasses,

Serve chilled garnished with saffron strands and thinly sliced dry coconut.


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