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Murmura Ladoo (Puffed Rice and Jaggery Ladoos)

Murmura Ladoos… These Sweet Balls (Ladoos) are prepared with dry roasted puffed rice which turn crispy and desi ghee in which jaggery is melted , along with powdered dry ginger and black pepper and mixed nuts. These Ladoos are immensely popular  Northern states of India, during the chilling winter.These Ladoos are also prepared during the festive season, especially during Lohri and Makar Sankranti.

Preparation Time: 25 minutes including preparing Ladoos after being cooked

Cooking Time- 20 minutes

Serves- 4 to 6

Ingredients and Quantity:
Puffed rice (Murmura)- 3 cups

Jaggery, chopped- 1  cup

Desi Ghee- 2 tbsp.

Almonds, powdered- 12

Cashew nuts, powdered-12

Dry Ginger powder- 1 ½ tsp.

Black pepper powder- 1 ½ tsp.

Salt- a pinch


Add puffed rice in a heavy-bottomed non-stick Kadai, dry roast on slow flame.

Dry roast the murmura until it turns crispy and breaks / crushes when pressed between the thumb and Index finger. Set aside.

In a heavy-bottomed non-stick kadai of a larger size, add desi ghee and chopped jaggery.

On a slow low, stir the jaggery continuously until it melts completely and is frothy.

Add the dry ginger and black pepper powder. Mix it well.

Now check the consistency, by dropping a little syrup into a bowl of water, it should form a soft ball.

Add a pinch of salt and powdered almonds, cashew nuts and mix it well.

Turn off the flame and add the dry roasted murmura.

Ensure that you mix it very gently or else the murmura will break.

Mix it until the murmura and the jaggery syrup are well-combined and evenly coated.

Transfer in to a flat dish.

Grease your palm with desi ghee or you may moisten your palms with water and prepare the ladoos ,when the mixture is still warm.

Ensure that the mixture does not turn cold as then it would be very difficult or let me say next to impossible to prepare the Ladoos.

Consume the Ladoos, if not consumed immediately transfer the Ladoos in a air-tight , glass container / bottle / Jar and enjoy relishing theses delectable Ladoos as and when you desire.

Chef Tips:

  1. A pinch of salt is added to ladoo, as it enhances and brings out the flavors and sweetness within.
  2. Ensure that the Jaggery is of an excellent quality.
  3. You may add ½ cup grated dry coconut to the Ladoos.

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