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Bael Ka Sharbat (Bel Ka Sharbat)(Wood Apple Sharbat)

A lip-smacking summer drink which is a breath of fresh air in Scorching Summers. It is prepared by two methods i.e. No-cook & the Cooking Method. The Sharbat is prepared with the sweet and tangy pulp of Bael fruit (Wood Apple). You may add rock salt, freshly ground toasted cumin and muddle fresh mint leaves with loads of Ice. This sharbat is an excellent remedy for a Heat-stroke.

In Bengal it is known as bael sharbat or beler sharbat. Whereas in Bihar, Jharkhand it is called as Bel ka sharbat. In Odisha it is immensely popular as Bela Pana. The preparation of Bela Pana is a lil  different from that of Bengali-style Beler sharbat. Bela Pana has crushed pepper, grated coconut, mashed banana, chhena added to the strained pulp of bael fruit, sugar / jaggery & water

In Telugu it is known as Maredu drink which is prepared with dried Bael fruit.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cooking Time :8 to 10 minutes

Concentrate makes:12 glasses

Ingredients and Quantity:

For the Concentrate: Makes 12 glasses

Wood Apple (Bael Fruit), ripe -1 small

Granulated Sugar-225 gm.

Water-300 ml.

Lemon- 2

For the Sharbat: To make 1 glass sharbat

Bael Fruit Concentrate-1 1/2 tbsp. / or more as desired

Rock salt- 1/4th tsp.

Cumin powder-1/4th tsp.

Fresh Mint leaves, muddle- 1 sprig (Optional)

Chilled water- as required

Ice cubes-6 to 8


Break open the fruit by hitting it with a coconut breaker.

Scoop out the pulp in a large glass bowl ,using a spoon.

Pour in some water and mash the pulp gently with a masher, in order to separate the seeds.

Now strain it using a sauce / soup strainer , separating the seeds and the fiber. 

Repeat the process once again, adding some more water.

Seeds are very bitter and need to be discarded. Fibre that is left over after straining the pulp may be eaten.

Place the strained pulp in a non-stick pan.

Add sugar and mix well with a spatula / wooden spoon.

Place on a medium flame and keep stirring it till it gets a sheen and is thicker in consistency.

Cool it completely add freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Lemon juice acts as a great preservative & the sugar does not crystalise when the concentrate is refrigerated.

Transfer in air-tight , sterilized glass bottles and refrigerate it. 

Stays good for 3 months.

If you wish to prepare sharbat..

In a glass add the ice cubes, Bael fruit concentrate, rock salt, cumin powder, muddle mint leaves & chilled water.

Stir and ensure that it is mixed properly.

Serve chilled.

Bael Ka Sharbat in which Fresh Mint Leaves are added.

Chef Tips:

If you are a diabetic, kindly skip adding the sugar.

No-cook method-Skip the cooking , if you wish to consume it immediately.

Replace granulated sugar with 4 tbsp. of powdered sugar.


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