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Indian Blackberry Ice Cream (Jamun Ice Cream) Diabetic-Friendly

Overloaded with the flavours of a unique fruit, this Ice Cream is prepared with the goodness of the vibrant and fresh Indian Blackberries.

The best thing to gorge on is an Indian Blackberry Ice Cream.

Preparation Time: 05 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Freezing Time: 12 hours

Serves: 08

Ingredients and Quantity:

Indian Blackberry / Jamun, ripe, pulp- 06 tbsp. / or more if desired

Indian Blackberry / Jamun, ripe, roughly chopped – 01 tbsp.

Low-Fat Milk- 2 ½ cups

Cornflour- 1 ½ tbsp.

Stevia- 1/4th tsp.


In a mixer add the pulp of Indian Blackberries /Jamun and grind to a coarse paste.

In a small glass bowl mix cornflour with ½ cup of cold milk. Keep aside.

In a heavy bottomed non-stick pan, bring 02 cups of milk to a boil.

Add the cornflour slurry to the milk, stir and let it simmer.

Ensure that you keep stirring till it coats the back of the spoon.

Set aside to cool it completely.

Add the coarsely ground and roughly chopped Indian Blackberries/ Jamun and stevia.

Pour it in an air-tight container and freeze it for 04 hours.

Remove and blend in a mixer or with a hand blender till it is slushy, pour it back in the same air-tight container and freeze it for 08 hours.

Ensure that the ice cream sets.

Scoop out the ice cream and serve it chilled garnished with fresh mint leaves.

Chef Tips:

  1. You may add Indian Blackberry / Jamun purée instead of coarse, if desired.
  2. You may add dry fruits of your choice.