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Paan and Thandai Kulfi

Indubitably the most delectable kulfi in an Earthenware Pot. A frozen dessert that is prepared with the puree of Maghai Paan Leaves, organic sugar-free gulkand, organic honey, thandai paste ,  reduced almond milk and mixed nuts, garnished with pistachio nuts, almonds and edible dried rose petals laced with Chandi Ka vark.

Is served chilled in the Earthenware Pots (Matka)


Soaking Time for Thandai Ingredients: 02 hours / Overnight

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Cooking Time: 45 minutes

Chilling Time in the Freezer: 08 hours

Makes: 04 medium sized matkas

Ingredients and Quantity:

Maghai Paan Leaves / Maghai Betel leaves- 20 nos.

Organic Sugar-free Gulkand- 1/4th  tbsp.

Honey, organic- 1/4th tbsp.

Fennel seeds, lightly toasted and powdered- 1/4th tsp.

Almond  milk- 1.5 litres

Almonds, blanched and peeled, finely chopped- 04 nos.

Pistachio nuts, blanched and peeled, finely chopped- 04 nos.

Green Cardamoms (Crushed)- 1/4th tsp

For the Thandai Spice Mix:

Almond milk- ¾ th cup

Almonds- 04 nos.

Cashew nuts-04 nos.

Saffron- a few strands

Fennel seeds- 1/4th  tbsp.

Poppy seeds- 1/4th  tbsp.

Peppercorns, black-04 nos.

Cinnamon powder- a pinch

Green Cardamom Powder- ½ tsp.

Mixed Melon Seeds- 1/4th  tbsp.

Edible and Dried Rose petals- 02 tsp.

For the Applying:

Silver Leaf (Chandi Ka Vark) – 01 small sheet

For the Garnish:

Pistachio nuts, slivered- 02 tsp.

Almonds, slivered- 02 tsp.

Fennel seeds, lightly toasted and powdered- 02tsp.

Rose Petals edible and dried- ½ tbsp.


Soak the ingredients mentioned for Thandai Spice Mix in almond milk for 02 hours / overnight.

Prepare a smooth paste and set aside.

Boil milk in a heavy bottomed non-stick pan. Keep stirring till the milk reduces a little.

Add the pureed paan leaves to the milk.  Mix well and ensure no lumps are formed; you may whisk it or stir it. Simmer for another 10 minutes stirring it constantly.

Add the crushed cardamoms. Mix well.

Remove from the fame and pour it in a wide glass bowl and cool it completely. Add the thandai paste. Add the gulkand and honey. Mix well.

Pour into soaked Kasoras / earthenware pots. Sprinkle with the chopped nuts and fennel seeds. Cover each matka with a small muslin cloth.

Tie the muslin cloth and leave the kulfi to chill in the freezer for 08 hours.

Serve chilled garnished with chopped nuts, laced with chandi ka vark.


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