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Tandoori Chai

The Tandoori tea has a rustic smoked and earthy flavour to it. This Chai is stirring up a Storm!!!!!!! #InternationalTeaDay

Try this in your kitchen…

I suggest one must have a small tandoor at Home.

Don’t have a Tandoor…… Heat the Kulhad on a live coal for 15 minutes in a deep baking tray.


Preparation Time: 05 minutes

Heating the Kulhad in Tandoor-10 minutes or more

Brewing Time: 02 minutes

Serves: 02


Ingredients and Quantity:

Water- 1.5 cups

Milk- 3/4th cup
Tea leaves- 01 tbsp.
Sugar – 02 tsp.
Lemon Grass ½  tbsp.
Mint leaves- ½  tbsp.
Tea Spice/Chai masala – a pinch

Brass pots- 02 nos.

Baking Tray, deep- 01 no.

Live Coal- as required.

Tongs to pick up hot clay pots /Kullad (Kulhad)
For the Tandoori Flavour:

Clay pots / Kullad/ Kulhad , very hot- 02 nos.


Place the clay pot in a pre-heated tandoor till it’s very hot for 08 to 10 minutes

Prepare the tea: Remember it should be semi-brewed or else the milk will burn when it is poured in hot clay pots. Boil the water add the tea leaves, sugar, lemon grass, mint leaves and tea masala. Once the water starts boiling, add the milk and boil for 02 minutes.
With the help of a tea strainer, pour the tea in a glass jar. Now, carefully using tongs, place the clay pot in a deep brass pot / vessel, and start pouring the hot tea in it.  The tea will start to bubble in the clay pot and would eventually ooze out. This infused concoction is then transferred into the brass pot.
After few minutes, pour it in a clean clay pots / Kullad/ Kulhad.

Goes best with Bun Muska.

Chef Tips:

  1. This technique of preparing tea will impart a unique earthy flavor, along with a mesmerizing smoky taste.

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