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This mouth-watering dish from Maharashtra and Gujarat is prepared by pureeing Sun-Kissed Alphonso Mangoes with sugar and is flavored with green cardamom powder, sprinkled with broiled saffron strands, slivered almonds, pistachio nuts and dried and edible rose petals.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Chilling time in Refrigerator: 20 minutes / or more

Serves: 04

Ingredients and Quantity:

Alphonso Mangoes, Ripe, Peeled and chopped- 03 large.

Sugar- as desired

Green Cardamom Powder- ½ tsp.

Saffron strands, broiled- a pinch

Milk, boiled and cooled completely- as required

For the sprinkling/ garnish:

Saffron strands, broiled- a pinch.

Almonds, slivered-1/4th tbsp.

Pistachio nuts, slivered-1/4th tbsp.

Rose Petals, dried and edible-02 tsp.


Put the chopped mangoes, sugar, green cardamom powder, saffron strands and milk in a blender, blend till it forms a smooth paste.

Pour in 04 glass bowls and refrigerate it till 20 minutes.

Serve garnished with, saffron strands, slivered almond and pistachio nuts and rose petals.

Chilled Aamras goes best with hot poories.

Chef Tips:

  1. Mangoes have natural sugars in them you may skip adding the sugar, if desired.
  2. You may add clarified butter to the prepared Aamras to further enhance its flavour.

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