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Culinary School -Yes or No?

Let’s begin with…

What is a Culinary School?

An institution that is devoted and instils education which includes both arts and science of cooking.

Many Culinary schools are for training the trainer that is for Professional Chefs to further enhance and polish their skills as per the recent trends in the Food production, others aim to impart the complete knowledge whether Practical or Theoretical , starting from basics of cooking to the International cuisines for amateur enthusiastics.

Training sessions, workshops, seminars are conducted by eminent chefs in the Hospitality Industry to prepare the budding chefs of tomorrow.

One must know the hardships of the entire journey.

Before the student actually takes admission in a culinary school, he / she is given due counselling in the school, so that the student can know the facts of this course that is one needs to be passionate enough to become a successful chef in this cut-throat completion. You’d better get ready to work 15-hour days.

If you want to be a Professional Chef then going to a Culinary School is a must.

Lets ask…..

Is Culinary School Going worth It????

And Should I go to a Culinary School????

And my answer is absolutely a BIG FAT “YES”

It is indeed a prerequisite to becoming a Chef.

But there’s no question that it’s the way to learn the basics for the budding chefs of tomorrow  If you decide you want to go that route, you should definitely go to an excellent Culinary school.

Education is valuable.

“Only a Great Teacher can mould a Great Student”.  – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

So one needs a mentor. As mentors and Educators, we are preparing them for Life.

The Chefs teaching in the Culinary school play a vital role in being the source of great positivity in the lives of students.

The Culinary school not only educates but trains the students to be of a higher caliber not only to survive in the industry but to be different.

“Dare to Be Different” “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” -Coco 

Students are sent for Vocational Training to Five Star Hotel Kitchens so that they can get a knack of and a factual picture of what it is to work in a Professional Food Production Department. What is expected of them, how they can be prepared to be a Professional Chef.

Culinary School can be a right choice if you are ready to work hard with the best of your capabilities. “If you’re looking for a shortcut to success, there is no such shortcut”.

What do you learn in culinary school?
Learning is a continuous process till one lives.

But let me concentrate on the question what will I learn in a culinary School?

Of course this goes without saying CULINARY-Cooking from Basics to Quantity / Volume Cooking to the International Cuisines. Techniques and methods of cooking.

Besides cOOking you learn……..

Food Plating and styling.

Conceptual skills

Management skills

Sourcing and purchasing

History of Cuisines / Food

Nutrition and Food Science



Creativity- Prepare a dish with what’s available. U see A Mystery Basket…. And there it comes your innovations…… Brain storming……

Lots and Lots of Patience


Careers related to Culinary ?

Go to the link….

How to go to culinary school for free?

Culinary scholarships are almost similar to other scholarships, in that they award funds to good all-around students or students who show particular promise in the culinary arts.  Numerous public and private institutions offer scholarships for students seeking to advance their educational careers in the culinary arts fields.

Scholarships for culinary students may be full or partial, domestic or international.

Overall academic performance of the student matters a lot.




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