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Culinary Arts – Indeed an Art

The trends have changed considerably now that is, Culinary Art is certainly more than just cooking food or becoming a well renowned and eminent Chef. Continuing the actual practice and art of cooking through theory, various techniques, palate training, velocity and teamwork, we no longer have we seen the repetitive and monotonous routine of sending your resume for the position of a Chef, but one may definitely consider doing a lot lot more than just cooking food or preparing various types of cuisines. Those that choose to study the culinary arts will be prepared to enter an effectual and heartwarming career, due to their immense advanced knowledge of both the practical and professional and entrepreneurial personae of this field. Being in this field with an enormous ,elevating and enriching experience of 20 + years, I can strenuously convince everyone that you don’t have to constrain yourself to only cooking, one can be a Food Stylist, one who gives a total makeover to the prepared dish , i.e. what a beautician is to a lady , a food stylist is to food- gives it a beautifying and magnifying effect, we relish food through our eyes first before we actually taste it considering our organoleptic senses i.e. taste, sight, smell, and touch. Thus a food stylist does this by outright mind-boggling  food presentations , styling and plating. Colour, Contrast and Appearance of the food makes the food look like a cherry on the cake.

Food stylists can apply for jobs in eminent Food Magazines, Cookery shows, Food Photographers and of course not to forget the movies that are based on culinary themes, a newly released Hollywood Movie “Burnt” one may work as a food consultant Food stylist with such movie directors which have similar themes.

Food Photography has also picked up a lot very recently, doing a course in culinary skills and also a course in photography will be your hobby or passion not only being a means to satisfy your passion for the same but also fetching you a very good amount of money.

Culinary Arts with a background in science, will help one in taking up a career decision in being a Nutritionist or a Catering Supervisor in a leading Hospital, we have our students working in most of the leading hospitals like Kokilaben, Hindujas, Wockhardt and Fortis.

Culinary Arts with a basic course in food science, which focuses on an in-depth study of the chemical and technical aspects would also help one pursue a career as a food scientist in leading manufacturing companies and Food Research and Development laboratories, which would definitely include Molecular Gastronomy, Food Safety or being a Food Scientist that would unquestionably take you a very long way.

Food traveler, Food Anchor and a Chef, one would literally like to witness the entire world, definitely a person who loves to travel and explore new cuisines with getting paid for that. The best example is Chef Aditya Bal’s adventurous “Chak Le India” broadcasted at NDTV Good times.

What about being an astonishing Food Anchor, a Food Author or a Food Blogger, a career with a million dollars. Culinary Art incorporates also doing a lot of research and exploration on different cultures, traditions and culinary history which further helps you to pen it down on paper and can end up publishing articles, cook books and being a food author and a writer.

A very renowned career i.e. Food Blogger and Food Critics , in which one has to communicate with public on latest food trends, celebrity chefs and restaurants through newspapers, magazines, blogs and books. The best example of Dignities in this field are Julia Child, she was an American Chef, author and a well renowned television personality recognized for bringing French cuisine to the American Public with her debut cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and who can forget her television program “the French Chef, which was premiered in the year 1963 and Copeland is a food director at Real Simple Magazine and was a former recipe developer for the Food Network.  These women placate readers through their creative writing and demands for scrumptious and thought provoking stories of food.

Not to forget you may even pick up a job as noble as being a Culinary Head , a professor so that we can further prepare  and inspire the next generation for the same and acquiescent with this quote of Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna award winning Michelin Starred Indian Chef , restaurateur and cookbook writer, filmmaker, humanitarian and the judge of the TV show Master Chef India and MasterChef Junior. “To teach is great, but to inspire is divine”.

We as mentors to students teach them not only to be successful entrepreneurs but also to be humble and proud of their roots, which will take them to a long way for being good humans first. Nothing can be compared to see your students do wonders all over the World.

We not only inculcate in the students the skills and ability to plan a menu but also what is the significance of Hygiene and nutrition.

To Brain storm the students I had taught modules like Culinary Concept Development and Production (CCD&P) where the students have to successfully complete 10 stages in which they invent, reinvent the product. Innovations, molecular gastronomy and Neurogastronomy, where the brain creates the perception of flavor, and how it matters for human culture, is the latest trend, where are student’s expertise in.

A small initiative by me to incorporate Lost recipes in the modules and curriculum in my past work. One where my students had researched and prepared Zameen Doz and Kantee Gali Machli. We as teachers , mentors and chefs owe to the Future generations to be proud of the roots of Indian Cuisine and its lost recipes.

One may also be a Hospitality consultant or a design specialist, work as a Kitchen Designer, Restaurant designer, Layout and designing of menus. One can opt for jobs such as Menu creations, menu designing and food event planning.

Can work in Sales and marketing teams of leading Kitchen Equipment and tools Manufacturers for example. Weber BBQ and Grill manufacturers both in India as well as abroad.

To be a successful hotel entrepreneur one must have a colossal amount of “Passion”

If you are focused to be an Entrepreneur, then you may run your own Pastry shop, multi-cuisine or themed restaurant and a café.

In the module New Enterprise Creation the students were taught and imparted with the required knowledge, right from the conception of an Idea of being a successful entrepreneur till the budgeting and how they may proceed with the same.

Last but not the least love cooking in large numbers, Yes an Industrial Canteen in an MNC is the place to be. Cooking in large volumes, Balanced meals and of course planning, preparing and supervising the preparation of a Cyclic menu does it all.

A course in Culinary Arts can indubitably help you accomplish your dreams and goals right from becoming a Celebrity Chef, Food stylist to an Entrepreneur who would not only bring out the best in you but will also help your bank account go rocking with money.


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